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What we do

RBN empowers business owners and landlords to hedge their electricity tariff against increasing costs. Our seamless offering combines Solar PV solutions with effortless financing resulting in a stable electricity supply with no up-front costs.

Take your first step in ‘getting off the grid’.

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Illustrative savings over 20 years

No Costs;
Vast Benefits

Zero Up-Front

Clients don’t pay for any equipment.
RBN designs, develops and installs it.

Zero Insurance

RBN provides comprehensive asset management including all insurance administration and costs.

Increase in
Property Value

Energy efficient spaces attract
cost-conscious and environmentally
aware buyers, increasing the value of
your property.

State-of the-Art

Receive advanced Solar PV technology.

Zero Maintenance

RBN owns the PV equipment on your property. We maintain it at no cost to you.


Save from day one and receive the security of a fixed tariff.

First access to
New Technology

RBN will provide access to any new technology when it becomes available.

The Process

Start the process by sending your last 3 months electricity bill and physical address to info@rbn.co.za for a free feasibility assessment.

1. Initial

We conduct a free and comprehensive
site inspection before installation.  A professional structural engineer will assess the integrity of your structure and make recommendations on layout, size and location of the PV system.

2. Cost

The RBN team calculates your solar PV electricity costs. No more  uncertainty over future tariffs.

3. Client

Based on our feasibility studies and cost calculations we propose the most suitable energy solution for your business needs.

4. Design, Engineering
& Installation

Design and installation of the PV System based on your energy needs and structural requirements.

5. Ongoing Monitoring
of PV system

We provide ongoing monitoring and data availability for third parties to accurately track and capture data, even up to individual panels. You will have direct data access via online, smartphone, or tablet applications to track solar panel system performance.

Structured Offering

We provide unparalleled access to the benefits of energy security, efficiency and cost containment via two commensurate options:

Power purchase agreement

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): The PV system is installed on a client’s roof by RBN Energy, at our own cost; with the electricity produced then sold to the client at an agreed amount. No initial capital investment is required, nor any up-front costs incurred.

Fixed term solar term lease

Lease: RBN Energy installs the PV system on clients’ roof at no cost. Clients then lease the solar panels and components at a fixed rate for the period of the agreement, usually 20-25 years. Again there is no capital outlay or set-up expenditure involved.

Each produces similar savings, and both are usually for a period of 20 years.

Outright ownership of the PV system anytime

Key advantage: An open client option to purchase the system at any time during
the course of the agreement.

Illustrative buyout

Be a visionary

Did you know that these top visionary companies use solar

Target Corporation (147.5 MW). The retailer currently has 300 buildings equipped with panels.

IKEA (44 MW). Ninety-one percent of IKEA stores are powered by the sun.

Apple (93.9 MW). Its global facilities are powered with 100 percent clean energy which includes solar power.