What do we do?

RBN provides Solar PV solutions to enterprising individuals and businesses that have had enough of Eskom rate increases and unreliable power supply.
We enable companies to save money on their monthly electricity bill – without any upfront or capital costs.
Guaranteed savings from day one.

Four Options to Save on your Electricity Costs from Day One

RBN designs and installs Solar PV technology on your roof, at our own cost and then supplies you with the electricity output at a discounted rate.

We offer you unparalleled access to energy security and
efficiency via four commensurate options:


Power purchase agreement (PPA)

A PPA is a contractual agreement between RBN and your business which enables you to buy 100% of our PV-produced electricity at a fixed tariff over a period, usually 20 years. Savings from day 1. No capital outlay to the client, no ongoing maintenance costs involved.


Fixed term solar term lease

Clients lease the solar panels and components at a fixed rated for the period of the agreements, usually 20 years. Savings from day 1. Again there is no capital outlay, set-up, or ongoing costs involved.


Outright purchase

Claim 100% depreciation of the system cost under Section 12B of the Income Tax Act reducing your tax liability. You have the option to contract RBN to handle the maintenance and insurance.



A bespoke financial design to suit your specific needs, combining a PPA/Lease option with a reduced capital contribution.

Tariff Security

In the dark about future electricity costs from Eskom?

In order to fund their rescue from mounting debt and dwindling supply, Eskom is pushing to increase electricity tariffs by 17% in 2019, and 15% respectively for 2020 and 2021.

Can you afford to keep paying more for electricity?

RBN has a simple solution that offers you unparalleled access to energy security at a fixed tariff moving into the future.
This is your first step to “getting off the grid” and becoming energy independent.

Historic Tariff
Path (R/kWh)

Eskom average tariff vs. inflation (CPI)

Outright ownership of the PV system anytime

Key advantage: An open client option to purchase the system at any time during
the course of the agreement.

Illustrative buyout

Be a visionary

Did you know that these top visionary companies use solar

Target Corporation (147.5 MW). The retailer currently has 300 buildings equipped with panels.

IKEA (44 MW). Ninety-one percent of IKEA stores are powered by the sun.

Apple (93.9 MW). Its global facilities are powered with 100 percent clean energy which includes solar power.